Moss Agate Heart in Flat Pewter Hands


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Moss Agate Heart in Flat Pewter Hands


For those who are looking to use the abundant powers of moss agate in their work, the healing properties of intuition and protection are key. Use this stone in meditation to infuse your drive and focus with the intuition to make the right choices, and the sense of protection you need to follow them through.
If you’re drawn the Moss Agate stone, it’s a sign that you need to step away from the smartphone and get back to the great outdoors. In fact, Moss Agate is an excellent stone to take with you on your next nature outing. An easy way to rid the mind-body-spirit of negative and heavy energy is to go forest bathing, which helps enhance the Moss Agate healing properties even more. Instead of rushing down the path to get from point A to point B, take your time to breathe in the clean, oxygenated air, stopping to notice all the beautiful details of the forest.
As you walk down the path, feel your heart chakra expanding as you remember your gratitude for the planet and all that it offers. Hold the Moss Agate stone in your hand and ask it to help you connect to nature. Let its healing properties infuse into your being and fall in step with the gentle and steady rhythm of the earth and its healing vibrations. And if you’re really inspired, go ahead and hug a tree. Seriously, you’ll be amazed at how it anchors you to the earth, helping you plant your spiritual roots.

Hearts 30x30mm

Pewter Hands 70x68mm

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Dimensions 7 × 6.8 cm


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