Dragon Stone Merkaba


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A Merkaba Star, or Mer-ka-bah Healing Crystal, carries the energy of a vehicle of Divine Light, which can be used to connect with higher beings of Light. It is also a tool for Ascension & spiritual transformation

Mer means connecting thread- Light
Ka means The Spirit or Astral Self
Ba means The Body or Physical Self
Therefore, we see that a Merkaba configuration creates for us the opportunity to thread our thoughts through time.
Merkaba’s are perfect tools for self-healing.

In Sacred Geometry it is based on the primal pattern, Love, which created all things and all universes, both visible and invisible.
Constructed as a three dimensional Star of David, Merkaba means that we have 3D interlocking triangles – which connect all worlds.

Dragon Stone – promotes patience & stimulates perception & personal power, It “dissolves” sadness or sorrow, self-pity, grief, and is thought to dispel critical tendencies & closed-mindedness, it is said to be a stone of increase.

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