The initial session that I had with Liz was absolutely extraordinary and I have had many more since

I did not give Liz any information about myself; however she was able to present information about my personal, family and business aspects of my life.

Liz raised the issues about my family and the difficulties I was having with advice as to how to move through the difficulties.

Liz has provided me many insights regarding relevant persons connected to my business and this has benefited me in making better business decisions.

Liz once mentioned to me that money was coming. It did not make any sense to me at the time as I was not expecting a lump sum from my business.

Within 6 months later the money arrived and came in the most unexpected way.

Liz is a kind, friendly and deeply spiritual person.

When Liz is working, she is very focused on finding the answers to my questions and has provided me with many insights which have been of great benefit to me

I highly recommend Liz, she is truly gifted! I call her my psychic genius!

Mandy, Melbourne Vic

I recently had a house clearing done and the change has been absolutely remarkable.The re is no negative energy in our house anymore and I am already sleeping better and feeling much more at home. The information was amazingly accurate, so much so that I felt the need to that book a personal reading a few days later. Changes are already happening and I feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I feel so lucky I was able to come across Liz and her beautiful ability to read and connect with different energies, couldn’t recommend her services enough.

Lyndsey, Melbourne Vic

I have never had a reading before I met Liz and was a little nervous about the experience. However I was immediately struck by Liz’s kind and caring nature and wonderful sense of humour. I was amazed at the details Liz was able to give me particularly about a business situation that I had no knowledge of. I have seen Liz three times now for readings and her accuracy is mind blowing. I also recommended Liz to a close friend of mine and Liz provided such an accurate reading for my friend as well. I can not recommend Liz highly enough. I feel blessed for having met Liz particularly in a very difficult time in my life. Liz has such an amazing gift and I feel so lucky to have someone like Liz to provide guidance, advice and clarity. I can’t wait to see Liz again and have recommended her to all my friends.

Jenny, Melbourne Vic

After seeing Liz for readings on several occasions, I decided to try her healing and reading combination session. Being able to relax and have a beautiful and powerful reiki treatment while recieving guidance and being able to ask questions to recieve clarity, for me was the perfect treatment. Liz has described to me my unborn daughter (she’s exactly as described), my new home and various events that have been spot on and very detailed. I always leave Liz’s healing space feeling light, clear and rejuvinated. Thank you Liz xox

Lisa, Melbourne Vic

I’ve have been seeing liz on a regular basis now for months. She is the only person that can calm me down sometimes, particularly when my business gets stressful & overwhelming. Whether it be a healing, Reading or combination liz is always thorough and has given me information about my business, relationships and just life in general always being on the money!

Jordan, Melbourne Vic

Any time i have needed help, guidance, encouragement and/or peace of mind in my life i have turned to Elizabeth. I love my sit down readings with her but now i have moved states i have phone reading which is great as she works around my time with my 3 kids. Liz is very straight forward and will tell me how it is and not what i want to hear. Even with my quick questions Liz is happy to help. The Crystal Bracelets, Necklace and earrings i have from Liz i can not live with out. I can feel the difference when i wear them to when i don’t ( to be honest i don’t take them off anymore). Liz has an amazing ability to match what crystal is need to help you in your life right now and for your future. Everyone needs a Liz in their life to make it easier and happier. Thank you so much for everything Liz, I can not express how much you have done for me to help clear my mind and guide me down my right path. I am internally Grateful. xoxo

Angela, Adelaide SA

Hi guys, I came across Ellurah by chance. I was looking at buying crystals. In the short period of time (3 months) that i have seen Elizabeth personally, she has changed my life and is currently helping me with my spiritual journey. She has made me feel empowered, given me confidence, and has removed the negative blocks. If you are second guessing yourself, go and see Elizabeth at Ellurah she will definitely help you. With her friendly chats and her suggestions. Thank you Ellurah for helping me make the positive changes in my life and i really love your crystals, your treatment and the great services you provide. I thank you.

Maria, Melbourne Vic

I see Liz pretty regularly for a number of reasons apart from the fact she is insanely accurate, she is easy to talk to and understanding Which always makes me leave feeling on top of the world More recently I had energy healing work done that very night I slept better Than I had in months I would encourage anyone to see Liz one thing is for sure you won’t regret it!

Sarah, Melbourne Vic

Having zero first hand experience in this area prior to my first ever reading with Liz I remained extremely anxious and perhaps slightly skeptical despite my spiritual beliefs. However, within minutes of meeting Liz I became completely at ease and all skepticism relinquished as her unique abilities became evident. I was utterly in awe that a human could possess such power and to have that person deliver information in a truly positive, humerous and nurturing manner only solidified the worth of my experience. It is with absolute confidence I recommend Liz’s services knowing full well that anyone can benefit and will leave in a much better place no matter what! Liz is an unbelievably gifted individual with an unrelenting will to help others achieve the most out of life, I feel lucky and blessed to have met her and look forward to our next encounter 🙂

Megan, Melbourne Vic